With Tabilet, iOS and Android developers can build server-side web services quickly and securely. Tabilet uses the best ideas from the last 10 years of internet programming, site hosting and data storage.

Features of Tabilet

  • Tabilet hosts your data in mySQL database in the Clound, and provides a RESTful remote data service over the standard http protocol.
  • Tabilet is easy to use. By defining database tables and data access rules properly in JSON, you can access and process the data without actually writing any server-side code (which otherwise means you have to switch to another server programming language such as Php, Ruby and etc.).
  • Tabilet is built to be very secure. Besides the standard access/authentication/authorization handlings, Tabilet service can protect data to individual visitor roles, individual tables, as well as individual table rows, i.e. the so-called row level security.
  • Tabilet is fast. To delivery data even faster, you can configure it to use Schrodinger Cache. Schrodinger's Cat exists in a superpostion of quantum states in a box: dead or alive. According to the Copenhagen Interpretation, the superposition only settles into a definite state upon observation. A Schrodinger Cache is such a cat: it may be existing, not existing, or staled on server. The state is settled only at the time the URL is hitted, resulting in the maximal caching efficiency.
  • Novice users can use Helper to build initial JSON rule sets, and Why to debug.
  • Finally, Tabilet is a MVC framework. You can add multiple Views to display the data in different mime types such as html pages.
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